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Association of Motor Offence Lawyers (AMOL)

There is no better time to highlight your specialism in the field of motoring law than now with the cuts to legal aid and the difficulties faced by many in the profession. Membership of AMOL is not about “trying your hand” at motoring law. You must have significant experience in this niche field if your application for membership is to be considered. Unlike other motoring law organisations, membership is not available to all as it is an organisation designed to recognise true expertise.

If you wish to learn more about our membership criteria, please check out the requirements outlined on this page or get in touch with any of our founding members directly.

Founding Members

jeanette miller

Jeanette Miller

Founding Chief Executive and President
Senior and Managing partner of Geoffrey Miller Solicitors

Charles Stansfield

Vice President
Principal of Charles Stansfield & Co

Richard Silver

Membership Secretary
Senior Partner of Richard Silver Solicitors

David Sonn

Chairman of Ethics & Professional Conduct
Senior Partner of Sonn MacMillan & Walker Solicitors

Professional Service

Up to date with current law

Advise on all costs issues, including public funding

AMOL Code of Conduct

Act in the best interests of the client

Share information with other AMOL members

Provide independent advice

What is AMOL?

The Association of Motor Offence Lawyers Limited is a voluntary organisation founded in May 2007 by a group of solicitors specialising in defending motor offence cases. AMOL is a non-profit making organisation.
Motoring law is an extremely complex area of criminal law involving technical defences that only a true expert can successfully understand and argue before a court.

Our Mission

"To have as our members only the most expert independent solicitors who specialise in defending those prosecuted for motoring offences. Our members will provide expert advice and representation by deploying their vast knowledge and experience of road traffic law, whilst at all times ensuring the highest professional and ethical standards."

Why is AMOL so important?

It is important that the public have a clear way of recognising true expertise in motoring law and this is the ethos behind AMOL. Unfortunately, we have seen an explosion of firms of solicitors claiming expertise in this field of technical law, often with no discernible track record and sometimes peddling advice that could land a motorist in Prison with a dishonesty conviction.

Jeanette was responsible for launching a campaign against a change in the system for innocent defendants’ costs being paid back by the courts when found not guilty.

jeanette miller

Jeanette Miller

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