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Invited Members

We acknowledge that there is a small number of solicitors who are already recognised as experts in the field of motor offence defence. The founding committee have unanimously short-listed a select number of solicitors with known expertise to be invited to join AMOL on this basis. They will be exempt from criteria 1, 2 and 4 below.

Members By Application

We recognise that some solicitors will be eligible for membership but may not be known to the founding members of the organisation. If any solicitor wishes to be considered for AMOL accreditation they must apply for membership and their application will succeed only if they meet the following stringent criterion:

1. Case Portfolio

Any applicant must submit a portfolio of 20 motor offence cases over which they have had conduct or over which they have supervised conduct within the last 18 months.

15 brief case summaries with no more than 4 cases from the same category can be submitted.

There should be 5 detailed case summaries submitted from 5 of the 7 categories below:

a) At least one contested case involving an allegation of speeding;and/or
b) At least one contested case involving an allegation of dangerous or careless driving;and/or
c) At least one contested case involving s.172;and/or
d) At least one contested case involving an alcohol related matter; and/or
e) At least one case involving an exceptional hardship submission under the totting up provisions; and/or
f) At least one contested case involving a tachograph related matter; and/or
g) At least one case involving special reasons.

2. Appeal experience

Any applicant must demonstrate that they have appealed at least one motoring case by way of case stated or by Crown Court Appeal or by way of Judicial Review and supply a detailed case study of at least one appeal case.

3. Reputation

Any applicants must be confirmed as having no pending complaints or criminal prosecutions pending against them by the Law Society.

4. Client Service Standards

Any applicant must work for a firm which has the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation or the firm must have a category 1 LSC Contract or the firm must satisfy criteria demonstrating procedures are in place to ensure sufficient client service is provided.

Application forms will be available via this site shortly.

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