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It is important that the public have a clear way of recognising true expertise in motoring law and this is the ethos behind AMOL. Unfortunately, we have seen an explosion of firms of solicitors claiming expertise in this field of technical law, often with no discernible track record and sometimes peddling advice that could land a motorist in Prison with a dishonesty conviction.

AMOL has therefore been set up to protect the public in response to a growing number of instances where expertise has been claimed by lawyers who simply do not possess it.

All our members share the same core values of fearless but utterly honest Defence of the motorist. We are not a referral service, but professionals co-operating to raise standards across this complex area of law.

Now, there is a very easy way of recognising who is an expert and who is not. The members of AMOL have either been invited to join the organisation because of their proven track record in the profession or because they have passed very stringent membership criteria which have been set to ensure that all members are sufficiently knowledgeable about the issues that commonly arise in motor offence defence. All members must also agree to abide by the AMOL Code of Conduct.

We do not allow members whose conduct is not regulated by the Law Society.

All AMOL members display details of their accreditation by having our logo visible on their website and other marketing literature. You may also ask a member if they have accreditation and at what level.

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